How to take care of a sick newborn chick


5 Years
Mar 19, 2018
When a mom lays her first baby chicks there will always be some that may come out sick. Especially after they ate born during the first days of spring in the cold winter.

There will be some stuff that you may need to help it survive. First you will need to go to your regular grocery store and go fine Thyme Tea warm up half a cup and give the chicken droplets of tea to the chick. It will help it nourish and heal its body.

Secondly you always have kids who get sick and you may have amoxicillin laying around your house add it to a syringe and give the baby chick some 3 drops drink that will help too.

Thirdly get some milk mix it with water and give the baby chicks some droplets to drink. Keep the baby aside for a while it heals itself so it will not affect the rest of your hatchlings. I hope this information help somebody and have a nice spring enjoy your chickens.
Thank you! Im very glad I stumbled upon this because I'm getting 6 day olds on Wednesday and this could really help me! I'm so new with chickens but I think I'll get it soon enough! Do you have any tips and/or tricks for raising baby chicks? thanks.
Yes I do have a good tips try mixing Finch food and when the babies chicks are about 4 months old try introducing them to a little bit of cat food to their diet that will help them grow quickly

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