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    Aug 9, 2014
    We are new chicken owners and purchased 5 chicks this summer from a local breeder, of the 5, two died within 2 months and now the other 3 have all started crowing! I'm not familiar with the true sounds of a crow, is it possible its just some odd hen sound? Now that they are older, is there a way to tell males from females? They are silkie/frizzles.

    We live in the city, so unfortunately if they are truly roosters we will need to get rid of them to not bother our neighbors, our kids will be heartbroken :(
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    If it sounds like they are crowing then the chances are that you have unfortunately ended up with cockerels. To confirm, though, I would suggest you take and post photos of all three birds and start a thread in the breed/gender forum here :
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