how to tell whos laying?

Great question. In fact, I am waiting for it to get darker so I can sneak out to the coop and food colour some vents.
They will hopefully be calmer after dark.
LOL, I know its a crazy question but I have a Show girl hen in with regular hens and I would like to know what eggs she is laying some people wanna buy ONLY her eggs. I have heard this mentioned before about coloring the vents to find out whos laying what egg.
With 21 chickens that would be hard to tell --but with 6 chickens we learned to tell the 2 breeds apart; then eventually the individuals (with out any food coloring etc.). Some were different shaped, some had slight rough spots in various locations, some had slight color differences. After the chickens announced their egg laying in the AM i would immediately look in the nest box and see who jumped out and what her egg looked like.
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i too am wondering witch hens are laying and witch hens are just free loading....
I did think of doing some sort of color marking but then i thought well before i go messing around with chicken butts
i better exhaust all my options first. Im thinking i might put my go pro in there on a time lapse taking a picture every 10 sec or something or putting in a trail cam that takes pix on movement.
if i dont get any results with that then i will bust out the food dye.

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