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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by kittikatti69, May 16, 2007.

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    So I've reintroduced my two babies to each other (they were being raised by kids in different homes) and they've joined my hens in the coop. I had to divide the coop for now as the older hens weren't too excited about sharing with the little ones.

    Anyway... my chicks (now about 6weeks) are supposed to be pullets - one aracauna and one black australorp. I'm beginning to become suspicious of the black one though. Her crown & waddle are MUCH more pronounced than my aracaunas is - though I know that can vary... my buff rock has a very small crown while my barred one has a huge one. But it's more her behavior that has me worried. She's quite dominant and active. She picks on the americauna, chasing her, nipping at her, etc. She doesn't seem to be hurting her... just scaring her. It's not constant... but it's enough that the aracauna generally keeps her distance.

    I'm wondering... I know the australorps get GORGEOUS as roos... when will I notice anything that could tell me for sure she's a hen (or not)? There was a white cockerel mixed in with my adult hens when I got them (he was supposed to also be a hen) and I wasn't positive (but again, the behavior was the clue... active and dominant) until he started trying to mount my hens. Will I be able to tell sooner with the australorp?? I really hope she's a girl... I warned the kids that if one of them "turned into" a roo it would have to go elsewhere (we live in the city, and I don't want fertile eggs anyway)... but it will still be a tough time. Any help confirming HER (knock on wood) sex would be AWESOME!
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    well i can't really help you much, but if you could post a few pictures i'm sure you can get it figured out [​IMG]
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    It isn't unusual to have a dominant pullet/hen, so that isn't necessarily an indicator that your chick is a cockerel/rooster.

    Combs develop differently depending on the breed, so judging the comb difference between the aracauna and black australorp is not helpful. Usually the earlier the comb and wattles become more red is a good indicator of a male.

    Also, it is possible to have a cockerel or a pullet crow at this age. Our Golden Campine cockerel started crowing at 5 weeks of age but our Single Comb Brown Leghorn cockerel didn't start until 9 weeks. Our Silver Lakenvelder pullet crowed once at 7 weeks of age. She was also the first in our flock to lay eggs.

    I don't have any experience with australorps, so can't help you with specifics. I agree with Saltiena that pictures would help.

    Here is a good website for pics. About 1/2 way down the screen is the alphabetical listing of breeds & associated pictures.


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    Thanks I'll try to get some pics posted of them. My cockerel that I rehomed (the white one that came with my hens) was almost full grown and never crowed. Is that weird? I found him a new home after he started mounting my ladies.

    The babies crown/waddle is very red, but looking at photos, I think that applies to both sexes on these birds.

    Anyway... I'll try to post some pics. Thanks everyone!

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