How to torment your ducks


11 Years
Jul 10, 2010
southern AL
You drag out a bunch of storage bins and find the ones that will hold water.
Then you rinse them all out and line them up around the pond, too far for them to jump up on the edge of the pond and hop in though. Then you fill them up with nice clean water.

And watch the ducks go nuts because they can't reach their little heads into the tall bins of water that you are sitting out to dechlorinate so you can drain some of the nasty green water out of their pond without killing any of the bacteria you are hoping is multiplying like crazy in the pond to help with the nastiness of two ducks....

Their old big pool is out there too, but no step in. I'm expecting to see them in that or evidence they were in there at some point
I tormented mine by putting peas in their waterer. I started by throwing the peas at them, but decided they would enjoy actually finding something in their endless water sifting too. Should have seen the looks on their faces! I don't think they drink anything for a good half hour. The Pekin was the one that figured it out first. First time I ever gave them peas, and they looked really tormented when I put them in the water.

Oh it was funny, I keep going between "Are they smart? They can't be smart". I took their pool away and shut them out of their run while we did a remodel and added a liner and 5 inches of gravel and all that. I set the hose on mist, and propped it up on the fence. They talked about it all grouped together, finally decided it might be a good thing, and went over there and made a new mud pit.

The next day, I turned on their mister and opened their door. They had heard the noise of the hose, remembered yesterday and how fun it was, and shot out of there and went straight to it. I couldn't deprive them, it's been 90+ degrees. I even misted a couple of chickens.

They're so suspicious! We got all our work done last evening and got the pool set up, and I put them in the improved run and grabbed a chair. I did the steps different, in a corner. That way, I could herd them up them. That I did, I got tired of watching them walk round and round, all grouped together talking about it. I wanted to get to the fun part! All that work, moving some 5,000 lbs of gravel around, all the removel from the run, transfer of dirt back into, lining it... I wanted to see some splashing and diving! In CLEAN water! They didn't let me down, as soon as they were in it they went to town.

I can only imagine yours going around in frustration, talking all about it. So much water, none of it accessible!

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