How to treat coccidiosis

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    Sep 24, 2014
    My 14 wk. silkie is really sick with coccidiosis. We put her on an antibiotic called Sulmet (sulfamethazine sodium) which the feed store recommended.
    I've read that an antibiotic called Corid is better to treat coccidiosis. Does anyone have experience with either of these antibiotics or coccidiosis?
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    I've never had to deal with coccidiosis but have read alot about it.

    Sulmet is not always effective, Corid seems to be better.
    Both Sulmet and Corid are coccidiostats(antiprotozoals), not anitbiotics-which fight bacterial infections.

    Try doing some reading here:
    advanced search>titles only>coccidiosis

    and here:
    advanced search>titles only>corid

    This is the dosage I have for using Corid, which I have on hand in case I ever needed it:

    The Corid 20% soluable powder dosage is 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water for 5 days.
    Make it fresh daily, dont add anything to it such as ACV, electrolytes, vitamins etc,
    Must be their sole source of treated water to drink.
    1/2 tsp 4 Qts
    1/4 tsp 2 Qts
    1/8 tsp 1 Qt
    1/16 tsp 1 Pint

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