how worried should I be?


Aug 16, 2019
Hey yall,
Yesterday, I was watering the yard while the chicks were out, and they got frightened by the stream of water and ran into a part of the yard they weren't supposed to, underneath the oleander bush. I don't know if they ate any of the flowers or leaves. What should I do? Should I wash their feet and block that part off? How toxic are oleanders? It didn't look like they knew that the flowers/leaves were toxic, which makes me worried that they'll eat them if given the chance. They both look bright and healthy today, but I want to make sure I'm not skipping anything important.

I think they should be fine. Likely they didn't eat any parts of the plant. Chickens are less sensitive to toxic plants than other animals.
Oh, ok! And sorry if this is too many questions, but do you think that the chooks will eat eucalyptus leaves, and why are chickens less sensitive to toxins?
Given choices, chickens often avoid eating toxic plants, although that's probably not a sure thing. If they are confined and offered something bad, that's different, and it might be eaten as the only choice.
Oleander is toxic, as are many other landscape plants that we all have on our properties.
Ask the folks on your state's thread about it!

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