How would these guineas do in a show?

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    How do you think these guineas would do in a show? I have never entered anything in a poultry show or even been to one so I don't know how it works so if you could tell me what you have to do in order to enter and stuff. I live in NC.
    Just say what guinea you think would do best. Say Picture 1, 2, 3 like that.[​IMG]
    1 is a male pearl.
    2 is a male white.
    3 is a male coral blue.
    4 is a female royal purple.
    5 is a female buff.

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    I think they all look like they meet the standard, except for the RP female in pic 4. It appears she has a white flight feather, and any white feathers on a colored Guinea fowl is a DQ.

    I don't think many people show Guineas, so you might win with the only entry!

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