How would you like to find this in your henhouse??

WOW! at least it's in Puru! I am extremely Pro-Snake... But Kill all the spiders!! We have a HUGE Brown Widow problem, I killed 16 on my porch alone! Come to find ouut they are a NEW species here in FL. and were brought here in a shipment of tires from Africa. The bad thing is they are supposed to be more poisonous than Black Widows! Just NOT as aggressive or territorial. BUT THEY LIVE IN COLONIES!! Which is why I am finding so many. I have to say that I noticed that I found NONE where I let my chickens free range. I think I am gonn start letting them free range around the whole house! I saw one of my Roo's gobble one down, so they do seem to like them!
I would need a new coop after I tore it apart getting out.

This is exactly how I felt about the whole thing! I know that spiders are good and eat bugs but I am sorry to say that all spiders must die because they make me hurt myself. If they don't bite me I still end up with some big purple bruise where I ran into something trying to get the heck outta there!
If that is a real true spider I would love to have one !

I have tarantulas and I had a beautiful Goliath Spider ( bird eater). they are just the most awesome spiders.

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