How young can they start laying?

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    We added 7 hens to our small flock in August. We mixed it up - 2 light brahmas, 2 eggers, 1 buff Orpington and 2 barred rocks.

    This week, I've gotten some oddball eggs that I think MUST be from the "youngers." I have 2 eggs that are half sized and 1 "dud" with a full yolk but soft shell. These hens are probably 18 -19 weeks old.

    My first hens were all silver wyandottes and they took 24 weeks to lay. I'm really excited about these eggs! I suspect it is the eggers, because I saw one lingering in the coop.

    How early have you had hens lay? Which of these breeds would you suspect?

    Merry Christmas!
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    Well the Easter eggers would have green eggs. The others would lay light brown eggs.
    I've never had pullets lay before 20 weeks. I've heard of them starting as early as 15 weeks but starting early is unusual this time of year.
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  3. First [​IMG]

    X2 on the 15 weeks ,,,, EE's are green, blue or pink egg's
    the egg's you are describing are what the first egg's look
    like down to the soft shell but if you give then some oyster
    shells or ground up egg shells this will help them develop
    some good hard shells ...........

    gander007 [​IMG]

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