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For years now I have wondered how people come up with the names they give to there Chickens. So here is a place you can tell others how your chicken got it's name.
I live on a four acre small horse ranch, been here all of 10 years now and have always been a country gal. When I was young I had chickens for my 4H club and once for FFA. I raised white leghorns and won 3rd place with my hens. That was many years ago, now I have decided to have some chickens around the barn, free range style. So for Easter my husband bought me some peeps, not the sugar kind. We have 9 peeps
and choose to have a variety of breeds.

Now comes the hard part, what to name them. There is always that first look, the obvious name. Cotton and Pearl after one of my Aunts. Well you guessed it Silky's, we have two and all white. Hen or rooster we don't really know. Now I have been told that you don't name things until after a person is gone, so I think I'm safe. So the aunt naming went on to include Elsie the Barbed Rock.
I have two Sex links named, Henny Penny from the memoirs of a child's story.
Peggy was named after my husbands Mother. Pete is a Bantam Rooster "we think" who was named after asking friends on the Internet to lend a naming hand.
Next comes Easter, gifted at Easter so there must be one named Easter. His breed is unknown to us and will be a very big I believe rooster. Poor thing was chosen from what is called the Pan Fried Bin. Mary is a white leghorn hen, named after my Mom. A little red bantam named yes you guessed it, Little Red.
So that's how my Peeps
came to have there names. I would enjoy reading, How'd ya get that Name for your chickens, as names reflect were we come from, have been, and what we see.

I am enjoying my new charges and look forward to the years to come.

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I let my 1,3, &5 yr old daughters name the chicks.

I have Jewel (from the movie rio)
Tiara. ( because 3 girls are obsessed with princesses.)
Chirp (because that is the sound she made.)
Peep (for the same reason). Which lead to a long debate about which noise was the right one.
And Fanny because they wanted fluffy but mom insisted on picking one name.
Fat Albert, the Australorp, who will one day be big and black and beautiful. Since she's still just a chick now, and the most petite of all our pullets, we've just been calling her Albert, or Bertie

Wyatt, the GL Wyandotte. Wyatt seemed an easy contraction of Wyandotte. I suppose we should spell it Wya'tt, but then we remembered Wyatt can't spell anyway, and doesn't know rules of grammar or punctuation either, so what the heck...

The Inspector, also known as Inspector Sussex of Downing Street, or just "Inspector", a Speckled Sussex of course.... She's the bravest of the bunch.

Gangsta, or The Gangsta, my Cuckoo Marans. It seemed to me that Cuckoo Marans sounded like a gangster name. But sometimes we just call her Cuckoo Bird.

Chickbert, the Easter Egger. When she starts laying, I asked my daughter if I could change her name to Henbert, but she says no. Chickbert is the biggest of my birds, and also the most shy, at least at first. So the biggest chicken is the biggest chicken. Just because we're Dilbert fans. (DH is an engineer)

And the little Dark Cornish cockerel we didn't intend to have, Sir Roo, Duke of Cornwall. (Because of course that's where he's from, and he's going to be in charge of the flock, but not of me, so he can't be the King, that position is already taken, and Earl just doesn't slide off the tongue as well as Duke. Although sometimes we call him Roo-bert.
Love it! Everyone has awesome names! Now my girls are picking names for chickens they do not even have yet! So far they decided on butterscotch, Blue, and cluckington. :lol:
I have a 3 year old daughter and we have a cat named Donkey. 2 ducks one is Blueberry and one is Lemon. Chicks she has named are as follow one of my easter egg girls is John Boy (daughter loves the Waltons!) frizzle roo is Dilly frizzle hen Gherkin their father's name is Pickle. We also have Raisin, Mouth, Polly, Mrs. G, Ginger, Olive, Bertha, Star and Gaga. She comes up with some good ones! Wouldnt change any of them!
We got six chicks. 1 blue cochin, who was named Elvis she was named Elvis because my mom figured blue cochin, blue christmas and all Elvis' othe blue songs. 2. 1st RIR, she was named Muffin because laying down she looked like a muffin. 3. My black cochin was named by my 4 y.o. sis, Chocolate-Face she picked the name for God knows what reason. 4. White cochin, named by my 5 y.o. sis. Little Birdy, she says she looked like a small bird to her. 5. Sleepy my 2nd RIR, falls asleep sp easily and in any position, laying down standing up being held anything. 6. Penny my final RIR, was named that for the colour.
These are all great names!

Since my Chicken endeavors is called Faithful Feathers, I tried to stick to Biblical names...but definitely strayed on occasion:

The Working Girls (LF) are Faith, Hope, Charity, Grace, Joy, Mercy and Peace.
Black Showgirl pair are George and Weezy Jefferson (hardly Biblical!)
Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were 3 white silkies that lived thru 108* 'bator living as 4-H birds

White Showgirl roo is Rooney (huge long white eyebrows!)
Partridge Silkie is Cassidy
Cuckoo-roo is a cuckoo Silkie roo (duh)
Smoke, gray Silkie roo
Navidad, buff Silkie roo hatched on Christmas
Rachel, white Silkie hen
The Faithful Five are yet unnamed mix of white SGs and SIlkies that are too young to guess the sex
Ditto on the Cincinnati Silkie chicks that are only a few weeks old....

I think that does it...unless you wanna count my 3 swans, Michael, Gabriel and Mary or my head Guinea Dude named Zambia...
We are slowly naming our chickens as we start to be able to tell them apart. Thinking of getting bands for my sex links and a few of my EE as they are all so close in color and size.
My DD is helping me name them. I like human names for animals for some reason. Also for some reason I thought most should have "old fashion" names.

Our chick that turned into a roo is Hagar. DH named him for Hagar the Horrible comic strip.
Our grey EE is Sasha named completly by DD
Our two partrige rocks are Mia and Tia as they look like twins. One has white toenails on the front toes so she is Tia.
Our EE that has a ton of white on her against the black is Elenore
Our biggest EE is Helga

Names that are on the deck for the sex links are(just b/c they are old fashion and we like them):

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