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    May 3, 2012
    My cats...
    'Linda' was a womans name, and also the spanish word for 'beautiful'---perfect for a pure white long-haired cat with one gold eye and one blue eye. She grew up to be an incredible huntress and honed her skills to a very fine edge by kicking the butts of other cats and a pair of really obnoxious minidachshunds that invaded the yard from time to time...hence the family nickname 'La Muerta Blanca' (the white death).
    'Pistol' arrived as a hungry lost ball of 12 week old fluff, weighing a bit less than a pound--and when the 90+ pound german shepherd eased over for a friendly introductory sniff, the itty bitty kitty fluffed, hissed and pounced AT the dog! My daughter joked that the kitten was a real pistol, and the dog was going to be pistol-whipped.

    What do you name a duck with a bad limp---why, what else could you name a lame duck--'Senator'! (RIP)
    How about a banty rooster with colors ranging from burgundy to flame yellow, orange and brick red with slate grey accents, who I nearly killed through heat stroke...'Hot Stuff'!

    The rust-orange NHR rooster was Rusty, the 10 year old NHR hen is Big Red. There are other critters, much less imaginatively named.
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  2. What you like in life is a good way to start. Like if you enjoy base ball you could name a rooster Red Socks. or A Hen Angle. Still if your reader of the Bible there are many names there as well, such as... Heaven, Glory, Joy exc... Watch them and this will bring to mind a name. I had a pup named Dolly because she looked like a little doll. Looking forward to hearing from you again and seeing the names and why you had chosen them. Thank you for sharing with us.
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    Our girls are all named after strong female characters from movies or TV. Our first batch were all Dr Who companions: Rose, Martha, Donna, River, and Amy. An Megatron(who was eaten by an owl, and was so named by my daughter). Next batch was named for Josh Wheadon character: Zoe, Kaylee, Penny, and Buffy. Not quite sure what I'm going to do for next year's chicks...
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    Love 'em! [​IMG] And yes, I think that I can!

    Hehe, funny/entertaining reading through these so far! [​IMG]

    So how'd we choose our names...

    Kevin (barred rock hen): Named after Kevin in the movie Up, because she was a big, long-legged, beefy chick growing up who always had quirky behavior and was noted (early on) as being bull-headed and a bit dense. [​IMG]

    Persephone (welsummer hen): She's been the head hen since day 1, a queen in her own right, and never afraid to put the others in their place. She's got her dark side like her namesake, though...often leading the flock into mischief (e.g. garden and neighboring properties where they're not supposed to be). Even as an adult, she co-rules the flock with our roo and while she will follow him, she absolutely will not take crap from him, either!

    Dragon (easter egger hen): She was named as a chick because of her poofy checks and fluffy eye ridges, which combined with her patterning, made it look like she had tiny horns and a broad tapering face. She grew right into the name, though, for she's easily the longest, sleekest and tallest of our flock. Her beard and head shape gives her quite the fierce, raptor face and her patterning looks like scales. She's also the flier of flock (along with our DOM) and consistently lays huge blue eggs that make all of the other eggs look small!

    Artemis (australorp hen): Her white belly fluff and otherwise black back and wings as a chick made her look like a footed crescent moon as a chick. She was also the darkness alarm and would call all of the other chicks together at dusk. She was never afraid to roam (as a chick or adult), often went nose to nose with our cats alongside Persephone and is still the best hunter/catcher of mobile snacks (e.g. bugs) in the flock!

    Cornelia Amelia (dominique hen): My sister-in-law really wanted us to name a chicken Cornelius, but we didn't get a rooster with our first five chicks. Our compromise was Cornelia Amelia, and so she was happy. [​IMG]

    Remy LaBeau (New Hampshire cockerel): He came almost one year after we got the girls, and he was named by my husband, not only because his namesake is one of his favorite XMen characters (and since he happens to be my favorite character, I wasn't arguing), but because he totally lived up to it. Remy is a marvel with the ladies. He's handsome, has a beautiful voice, and has the "moves" good that he never had to chase any of the girls down for a roll in the hay. Excluding Persephone (who stayed away from him for a good month), every other hen would squat for him for a call and a dance. [​IMG] Though it took awhile, Persephone even gave in from time to time. He's strong and brave...and wreckless (took off after a neighbors' great dane when it got loose and came onto our property), a complete gentleman to the girls (even carries treats to them if they don't come to him when he calls) and respectful of my DH and I.
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    Oh my goodness! Funniest thing ever!

    I am pretty glad to hear others changing the names of their chicks on occasion. My daughters keep coming up with different names and call them whatever they want when the mood strikes. I figure the chickens really don't care what their names are. :).

    Now I sort of wish I had a lot more chickens to name because the are some great names here!
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  6. I am so enjoying reading the stores of how ya got that name. Thank you all for sharing, I'M still LOL from some of them i read.
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    May 4, 2012
    We have 4 hens. All 4people in our family picked a name.

    We have 2 Red Sex Linked. Mine is Lucy (her nickname is Lucifer; she's the mean one). My dad named his Barbeque....but I shortened it to Barbie.

    Our Barred Plymouth Rock is named Bella.

    Our newest, a white silkie mix, is Snow White.
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    Jun 7, 2012
    The kids name all of ours...

    White Leghorn rooster is Bon Qui Qui (don't ask)
    The three White Leghorn hens are The Powderpuff girls
    Rhode Island Red hen is Claire
    Silkie hen is Storm

    We just lost one of our Brown Leghorns hens, but have two left & one Ancona hen...none of them have names yet.

    Over the years, we've had Jake, Sarah, Marshmallow, Romeo, Juliet...those are the ones I can remember [​IMG]
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    Jun 7, 2012
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    We have some that have names...some that don't....

    My Buff Orpington Roo's name is Puff...plain and simple, he's a huge puffy feathered Roo. :)

    We have a small black hen of unknown breeding (Came from the local high schools FFA) who was once one of 4....they were affectionaly known as The African Tribe. [​IMG] Since it is just her now, she is "The Triblette." hehehe

    And I have three turkeys I hatched...they are: "Boots", "Split", and "Monster." Boots had a curled foot when he was young and had to wear a cardboard paddle. Split was a splay legged poult who did splits the first few days of his life, and Monster literally came out of his shell running.....he slammed the sides of the incubator until we took him out and was the first one to escape and take off running across the living room. :)
  10. This is a great thread!
    Okay, here goes, we have A LOT and my son (13) and daughter (10) named them all!
    We have Blue, Light, Peanut, Amelia, Unicorn, Lukette (thought it was a Roo which would have made him a Luke), Honey, Mayhem, Jayko, Barricade, Dewey, Gooey, Fox, Queeny, Princess, Red, Amil, Floppy hen, Dolly, Isabella, Caramel, Spirit, Lucy, Magic, Rainbow, Runaway and Train.
    Phew....but we do know who is who and who we are talking about each time. Most were named over color or personality or a silly trait (like Runaway and Train because they both run away like a train if you try to catch them - explained by my daughter) or by a movie character (Barricade, Mayhem, Lukette (was supposed to be Luke Skywalker but then she laid an egg)

    We show almost all our roosters and some of our hens so the kids find it fun to name and then show them. Dewey is our super large Buff and super friendly and gentle and loves to go to shows and be held and coo'd over at the Fair - LOL

    We just love our birds!
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