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From soft little peeps you hold in your hand,
then you name each one with care.

As they grow into lovely chickens, you
may find one or more that crows.
So you ask your self do I change the
Name or keep it the Same?

So Roster or Hen the name stayed the same.


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Oct 4, 2012
Pierson Fl
I have 5 chickens , 3 hens, and 2 roo. 4 are blue laced red wyandottes and a BO.

Meaner- BLRW Roo, got his name naturally. Thought he was a hen at first but nope. Turned into a very handsome Roo. ( Also known as KFC)
Beaky- BLRW Roo, got his name naturally also. He is a cross beak.
Fluffy -BLRW, she is just so fluffy i could not resist!
Roosty- BLRW. She as a young pullet would fly up to the nesting boxes and than jump onto my shoulder and Roost there. She will still do it once in a while
Christine- BO. My son named her. I asked him why he picked that name and he said it was better than the other name he picker for her which was hot doggie!


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Aug 22, 2012
Odessa, FL
All right, well the thread was dead, but someone else picked it up. I loved reading all these! I've got to go back and read 2 more pages but I'm Laughing my butt off! I guess we all seem to love naming our pets.

My little flock is as follows:

1 RIR - She is BLONDIE not for her feather color, but because she acts like a dumb blond. She can get lost by going the wrong way around the water bucket. Goof ball!
1 Barred Rock - This girl named herself. I don't even remember what her original name was but when she was just coming into lay we moved their coop. She took off flying up and over the coop and the fence at least 8 times. This combined with the fact that the girl just never shuts up? CAMPBELLS! (Soup is good food!) We even sing the jingle to the crew to call them up to us if they are out foraging, and they come running. :)
1 Light Brahma mutt She's big a beautiful but not a show bird. Her name? DUSTY. We give her baths to keep her feet clean. Plus the white color by her tail is a bit greyed from bad breeding so she looks kind of dusty (Not that I could tell when she was named)

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Apr 26, 2012
East TN
I know this is a dead thread but I just couldn't help posting my blue Orpington's story and his name. I refused for the longest time to name him because we were not going to keep him. Well as most things seem to go around here it didn't last. I finally let him out of his solitary confinement to free range while the others were up. I don't know if he hurt his wattle fighting through the pen with our EE roo (Candy Cane after John Candy) or if he just hurt it stalking the girls in the pen but in the end his name is Watt. He was never the brightest bird so this fits both perfectly. I think we have a home for Watt and they said he could keep his name and have a flock of girls all to himself. YAY!

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Jan 4, 2013
I went to the markets with my grandmother, and got 6 unsexed chicks, including one buff frizzle. After a couple of weeks we were pretty sure it was a rooster, so I asked my friends what I should name it. One suggested, Rex. I really liked that name, so that rooster was officially Rex. 3 months later, 'he' still wasn't crowing. Then on Christmas Day Rex layed HER first egg ! I was over the moon. She is so beautiful.
3 Plymouth Barred Rock hens~ Rudy, Mimosa and Pea hen.
3 Brown Leghorn Hens ~ Dusty, Joker hen and Buffy The Worm Slayer.
1 Blue frizzled Amaraucana Rooster ~ Heraldic II.
1 Silver Campine Hen ~ Pepper.
1 Black Nacked Neck Hen ~ Nacked Necklace.
1 Brown Easter Egger Hen ~ Alice.
1 Red-Breasted Rosecomb Batam Hen ~ Cinammon.
1 Rhode Island Red Bantam Hen ~ Dahlia.
1 Black-Tailed Buff Serama Hen ~ Aero.
1 Silkied-Frizzled Tri-Colored Serama Rooster.
1 Black Rosecomb Bantam Hen ~ Junebug.
8 Muscovy~ Nico * Female, Tori*Female, Cori*Female, Star* Female, Ricky* Female, Philip* Male, Spitfire* Male and RIP* Crash* Male.
1 Black Bearded Silkie Rooster ~ Cluck Norris II.
2 French Black Copper marans ~ Tootsie II and Renji II. RIP * Henrietta II.
2 Black Crested Black Polish Bantam Hens ~ Mrs. Bagawkbagawk and Poppins.
1 Black Silkie Hen ~ Whitney Rooston II.
1 Partridge silkie Hen ~ Ruby.
1 White silkie Hen~ Speckle
1 African Goose Hen ~ Rusty
1 Courtinix Quail Chick~ Mr. buttons II.
6 Brown Chinese~ Jailbird* Male, Dezi * Male, Lucy*hen,Peeper*Female, Sweet Peep* Male, Smokey* Male and Pip Squeak * Female.
Lots of other ducks! too many to list! And yes they ALL have names :3

Birds without names that I need to name:

• 3 Courtnix Quail Chicks
• 11 Copper Maran Chicks
• 1 polish x brown leghorn chick
• 1 polish x barred Rock chick
• 1 mallard duckling
• a breeding trio of spooner bantam ducks!


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Oct 21, 2012
So many great stories and names! How bout I jump on the train!? We got a batch of baby silkies for free when we purchased some hens, one was just born that day! We named him Brave because even though he was only a day old he survived, and is always trying to get into trouble with someone or something! Here are some pics of baby Brave!

So far I am thinking he will be a rooster {hence I call him he} can't wait for his first crow!
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