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    oops, sorry, didn't mean to double post, how do I delete the extra when I do that?
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    Fairbanks, Alaska
    The Barred Rocks: Rocky and Bullwinkle
    The Partridge Rock: Party Girl
    The Buff Orps: Buffy and Vampire Slayer (you can call her Vamp for short)

    The worst advice is always free [​IMG]
  3. haha. I LOVE Rocky!
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    When I got my silver wynadotte hen, I wanted it to play off of the word silver. I name most of my chickens strange names, and most of them come from a strnage source. For my silver, I got her around the time we were going over the periodic table again. AG is silver, and the french word for it was Argent. Well, That sounded a little mannish for my girl after a while, so I changed it to Argentina to sound a little more feminine, not caring that you could find this name on the map (I had a Duck named Denver). Then I became lazy and just stuck with Argentine.

    I typically change my chickens names if I forget them or if they go through the above process. Typically with RIR's, I just call them phoenix birds, fire birds, or red birds unless one starts to stand out. I started to call one fluffy, because her feathers have just started to grow again on her backside no thanks to a rough rooster. Then I changed her to Mey Rin because she tends to follow me and I have fallen in love with that name. I went through I process to get my two new Hampshire hens names as well. They were friendly, and their feathers reminded me of the sun, so I though "Rise and Set"... then I revised them a bit and they became "Riza and Zetta"

    As for Roosters, they get special names since they're easier to tell apart. I've had Aristotle (Americauna mix), Galileo (which turned out to be a hen), “The Boys”-- 2 of Ari’s sons (mixed with a yellow buff orp), Argo, and Caesar (Were supposed to be Americaunas but I should have known better to expect anything from some large corp... they're white/pale yellow with brown specks on their wings). I'm getting a 10 week old Black and Copper Maran in a few days and although I wanted to go with a french name, I've found myself leaning towards Greek myth names. I'm thinking Apollon (Apollo for short), Helios, Hermes, or Prometheus. I've seen his pictures and he is a handsom devil.

    Other names that I have used are Ku for my Black Sex link (Ku is the name of a crow in a japanese manga and also the sound for the hiragana く which looks like a bird beak).
    Gold for my gold wynadotte (not a creative day for me) Iza (Eye-sa... because I used to call her "eyes" because she's an astralorp and they have such huge eyes!) I've had a small black bantum who's feathers shimmered green so I called her Kurohime (Black Princess in Japanese). I did call one of my RIR's Rot (sounds like wrote with a rolling "r") which is just red in German.... Depending on what class I was taking at the time, if I heard a word I liked, I used it.

    I had the strangest names for my ducks... In the 4th grade, I could only come up with Seashell and Wave... then I got Denver and Diane, Coal and Shadow, Spot (because he was a pekin with a black spot on his tail freathers) Pyg (Pygmailan) and Freebird, who was a wild drake who was hanging around the duck pen one day and she just strolled on in with the rest of them, She never left even though we let her out everyday for a month. she was so sweet for a wild duck, made me wonder if she hadn't been raised by people and just stopped at my house becuase of my black and white duck.

    So yeah, I have strange ways of coming up with strange names ^_~
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  5. I'm thinking about going with TV charactor names, or Nature-ish names. Like Rocky, Maple, Spruce, Willow, Fern, Aloe, etc.. Sound good?
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    I have never met a chicken who expressed dismay at what name they had been given. Sounds great! Go for it. These are children that won't be handicapped later in life by the names they are given.

    Well, maybe except for my good friend's turkey chicks; she named them Thanksgiving and Christmas. They didn't last the year....
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    well... the names I have just kind of came.

    I got 12 baby chicks March 17th (they hatched March 16th)

    When I got them home I named 2 of them June and July. July is now my head hen and June is her right hand (wo)man

    The first boy I realized I had I named Starsky .. followed by Hutch.

    Starsky is the biggest boy and probably going to be the head roo. Hutch is my cuddle bug (he's the one in my avatar). He snuggles in my bosom and purrs.

    Paula and Linda were names of 2 of my coworkers, but I think Linda is a boy, so his name is Lindo. They're real skittish and won't let me handle them, not even has babies.

    I have a trio of buffs I can't tell apart really at all, so I named them Snap, Crackle and Pop. Pop is a boy I think, and one of the others honks a lot so I can tell her apart when she makes noises. I call her my Big Honker.

    My mom named another hen Tredigar.... yeah I don't know.

    Lola is solid black.

    My last chicken started as Hercules, then became Little Bit, and is now Cottonball.
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    I have around 65 chickens there all red so its hard to name them because they all look the same. However, I do have one Dom. & her name is Checkers because she looks checkered. I have one Roo & I call him Red Ryder because well you get my drift he has alot of girlfriends. I have one other girl named & her name is Moochie because she always jumps in my lap & wants me to give her something. The rest are called little Babies.
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    Initially all my "girls" were named after older women in my life who had invested one way or another in me. It reminded me to be thankful for them and a way of honoring them, We had:
    Alice (now BIG Al ooops)
    Pruda (became Pat for awhile because of it's undetermined gender)

    so two turned out to be roosters, so BIG Al stays and "Pat" goes to a new home with hens anxiously anticipating his arrival.

    I have 4 new chicks coming soon:
    Miss Jackie
    Miss Jane
    Pruda II
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    Jun 1, 2011
    MY favorite hen named Nugget got her name from when we got her she was just a chick and we had our dog with us and we were joking how the chick would only be a Nugget to her so yeah that's where Nugget came from :)
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