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Discussion in 'Where am I? Where are you!' started by GUSRENTIT, Dec 12, 2011.


    GUSRENTIT In the Brooder

    Nov 29, 2011
    Pueblo West, Co.
    As a NEW EGG, I do not want to speak out of turn, or ask too many stupid questions, BUT WHY is it that most peeps here are so shy about saying where they live? Most don't list it at all, some are so vague, that if I lived next door I would not know it. I like it when I'm reading a post, and can say hey, they are in Colorado, AK, TX, WI, WY, etc. BUT near what town? Here in Colorado, (400 mi. E-W and 300 mi. N-S, with elev. from 3350' to over 14000'),10 miles in one direction or another, makes a huge difference in climate, and terrain. The advice and concerns given by some one in say FL, with 90% humidity and sometimes I wish I had 10%, or the fact that at times I have a 80* temp. swing in one day. It would just make the questions and advice given soooo much more helpful. So peeps come on tell us your state, town and area, and I promise not to show up on your door step.
    Thanks, Gus

  2. ChicKat

    ChicKat Crowing Premium Member

    Hi Gus,

    welcome to the forum..........

    Interesting thought--- You may want to look up your state in the topic in the index called "where am I, where are you?"-- I think people get more local there.

    In this day and age, it truly is no wonder that people want to keep their privacy.... Gosh, someone could show up and kindnap their chickens. ;O) Lol.

    Once you are around for awhile, you can probably begin to know more people and where they are located, you can also ask, email or PM the people. Putting a lot of info on the internet may be inadvisable. Just thinking about being cautious. Sometimes we post things like 'i'm on vacation' or such..... it isn't too wonderful to pinpoint home. Not everyone on the internet has a good heart, sadly.

    Hope that you enjoy the forum, get all the answers that you seek, and get the specifics on elevation, humidity and temp that will be relevant to your site.

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