Hubby is putting on the roof today


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
on the coop..
I think its best I leave him be...

its like 34 out..the rest of the wk is to be rainy, cold...
so he's out there from about 9 am til still now and its 4pm..he's still out there...

I'm supposed to take the kids to taekwondo tonight..but I dont have dinner in the crockpot..i was
messing with the brooder all day and transferring them..maybe I should stay home and rub his fee...

seriously..he's not happy...maybe we should have BOUGHT a darn coop!!!

aww...I <3 him...he's such a good guy..this is NOT what he wanted to do on his week off lol..
Boy, you must be doing something right girl!
So, I went to taekwondo tonight..he kept working..

apparently he pulled a back I have guilt lol...

he's hunched over like an ole man...I told him he needs to stretch it out..but he's whiney about it..I'm sure it does hurt..
but so does my knees after 200

anyway; pics of how much he's accomplished tomorrow.....
its a 10x10 coop...

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