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to win a free Chicken Coop from Handcrafted Coops ? How about a BYC Store Gift Certificate ? Maybe you just want to have a ton of fun?

We’re starting one of the biggest contests ever on BYC! Some of you may be familiar with our friend Tudy (2D) , the two-dimensional mascot of BYC. She’s had many amazing travels and she’s ready for some more fun!

Contest Overview:
Take pics with Tudy and your friends, then post the picture on our BYC Facebook Page and tag yourself and your friends. For every person “tagged” in the picture, you get 1 submission point for the contest! The more submissions, the higher your chances of winning one of 10 great prizes!

The 10 Great Prizes!
First Place: A beautiful portable chicken coop from Handcrafted Coops (Valued at $599!): (this prize only for peeps in the lower 48 US States.)
Second Place: $50 Gift Certificate at the BYC Store
Third Place: $30 Gift Certificate at the BYC Store
4th – 10th Place: 1 year GFM for you or a friend

The Details:

1. Print out Tudy here
2. Have someone take a picture of you, Tudy, and up to 9 other peeps. Everybody MUST be touching Tudy!
3. Upload the picture to our BYC Facebook page:
“Tag” everyone in the picture using the Facebook “tag photo” feature (The peeps tagged must be on FB and the "tag" must be tied to their account.
5. For every person tagged in your picture you will get a “submission point” for the contest. For example: I upload a picture of me, my wife, and two friends all touching Tudy and all 4 of us are “tagged” in the picture. I’ll get a total of 4 “submission points” to the contest, which increases my chances of winning!
6. Each person can only submit one picture, but you can be in other people’s pictures to get them points.
7. The people submitting and in the pictures must be 13 or older, and all the people tagged must be members of Facebook.
8. To submit the picture you’ll need to “Like” our BYC Facebook page, and the people must remain “tagged” in the pictures to win.
9. If you take the picture at a feed store you’ll get 2 bonus submission points. You must state which feed store you went to and it needs to be clear in the picture that you are at a feed store.
10. Submissions will be accepted until 4/30/2011
11. Winners will be selected at random. The more “submission points” you have, the better your chances of winning!

Chicken Coop Prize from

An example of Tudy out and about:

1) If you're not on Facebook, chances are you have some friend on BYC or elsewhere that are. Have them take some pics and submit & tag them to our Facebook page and either split, or give you the prize!

2) Each person can only submit ONE picture
3) Each person can get a maximum of ♠10 submission points by tagging up to 10 people in the picture. You can be in other peeps pics to help their chances of winning. Here’s an example:

I have 5 friends with me and all 6 of us take a picture with Tudy. I would submit a pic to the BYC Facebook Page and tag all the others. I'd get 6 submission points. Another person in the group could also submit a different picture and tag all the others and get 6 submission points.

Any questions, post them here.

Have fun and please show Tudy a good time!!

------------ Updates ---------
We’ve made a couple changes to the rules to open up the contest even more!

1. You don’t have to be at a feed store, but you’ll get an extra 2 submission points if you are.
2. You have to be 13+ and a member of Facebook to submit and/or be tagged in a picture.
Do they people that are in the photo have to have a facebook? Like.. I have a FB but the some people in the pic don't have a FB?

Yes, to receive "submission points" the people have to be on Facebook, like our BYC Page, and be tagged in the picture.

Of course, you can have other peeps in the picture for fun if you want.
THIS IS WAY COOL! Can we submit more than one pic if we go to different places? Like can me and my kiddos hit up TSC and our local feed store and then I submit the pics both times? Or can a person only submit one photo? It sounds neat, but I am a lil confused!

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