Huge coyote!


14 Years
Jan 21, 2009
Wallkill, NY
I was outside enjoying the weather and the chickens and ducks and everyone went on alert and the biggest coyote was scoping them all out at the edge of the woods in the backyard! When I got up it took off and ran into the woods. Needless to say, no more free ranging for them.
I didnt realize coyotes are out during the day? We do hear them occassionally howling at night in the distance but never in the backyard.Is it normal for them to be out around 11 am? Now I'm worried because it knows the ducks and chickens are here.
Yeah, they will be out during the day...I have seen them at 11 am coming up to the neighbors back porch....Not often but I guess there are times when they are hungry enough. And some people let their cats roam, feed them outside, have lots of birdfeeders etc to make it worthwhile for them to check for food. I have not seen an increase though since I got chickens, actually there seem to be fewer coyotes near the houses this year but I know they are out there. I can hear them at night. The yard is fenced in, the run is covered and hopefully foolproof and having the run of the yard is limited to a few hours a day....
Hope you don't have trouble with the coyotes and your chickens....
I saw a fox out during the day scoping out my brood and that had me concerned as well - I thought foxes (along with coyotes) were nocturnal as well.
Guess not when they're hungry.
about two months ago I came home from work and let the flock out at 11:00am and went in to take a nap. at 1:00pm I looked out the window and saw a coyote headiing for my flock, by the time I got out there he had one and was heading for the woods. I did a head count and that was his second one. Haven't seen him since, might be because we have four black angus cows in that field now. mommy cow chases deer out of the field all the time
A couple of weeks ago, my mother saw a coyote the size of a German Shepherd going for the coop --- and this was prior to 8am, when I stop by in the morning.

Are you still going to let them out of the run? I lost a chicken to a fox and haven't let them out of the run for a month. They SEEM contented (I've installed fun roosts in the run for them) but I don't know...What are YOU going to do?
We have issues here with coyote/dog crosses or coy dogs. I'm posting a pic of one that I'm sure is the puppy of my blue heeler, Bingo. We lost him several years ago. This blue-colored coyote had a sharp muzzle, and bushy tail like a coyote, but blue merle feet and a white on his chest like my dog.

He was dead in the ditch about a mile from my house. Stopped and was absolutely shocked at how much he resembled my sweet Bingo.

These "dogs" don't have the same "fear of man" that coyotes should. I've heard many tales of hunter being trapped in their tree stand by them.

My mom shot one a few years ago that was as large as a German shepherd. Had a white backend. It was running with a standard-sized coyote.


They don't care what time of day it is anymore. Attack when their bellies growl. Hate them!!!

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