HUGE mite scab- what to do?

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    One of my silkies has a very large scab (about the size of one of my fists) on her belly. I showed her to an acquaintance of mine who is a longtime breeder and a poultry judge, and he says this is caused by mites. He suggested that I rub the affected area with Vaseline until the scab falls off. So I'm doing that... but I don't get it, wont vaseline make the scab softer and therefore more likely to stick to the wound? Also... about the mites. I sprayed the coop with Adams flea and tick spray, and dusted the birds, not three weeks before this, and she was fine. Are there any (cheap) ways to get the mites out of the coops? I heard painting the coop with diesel fuel works, but I'm a jobless high-schooler- I really can't afford that much expensive fuel.

    Thanks a bunch! Sorry if this is in the wrong area... move it if you need to, Mods, I really wasn't sure where else to put it.

    ETA- Almost forgot- I trimmed the feathers from the affected area, sprayed it with a coat of blue kote ( [​IMG] that stuff!) and then applied the vaseline. I'll be doing it every day for a few weeks unless I get another opinion.
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    When you dust birds and coops, you must repeat dusting both in 7-10 days. Lice/mites eggs normally hatch in the 7-10 day time frame. That is the time that you want to redust them to kill the nits before they become adults and lay their eggs again. I prefer dusting, dusting powders are more persistant (staying power) than sprays. Powders, sprays, dips etc....wont kill eggs. However egg clusters from lice can be either cut off with scissors or coconut oil is used to help remove them or maybe dissolve them. I've never used coconut oil.
    Vaseline will soften the scab over time as you mentioned. The key is that vaseline will smother the mites and kill them. Continue applying the vaseline on the scab as needed til healed.

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