Huge scab on wing


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Apr 22, 2013
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This is Gingersnap. (The chook, not me!)

While checking in on everyone, I noticed she had this nasty scab on her wing (wet because I wanted to get a clear pic)

I have no idea what breed she is,but she's at least part Favorelle and a result gets picked on constantly. This isn't the first time she's been hurt,but it's definitely the most serious. She was hatched in May and came from an all-female mystery bin in store at Meyer's.

She can flap her wing and t doesn't seem to hinder her at all, but doesn't like me messing with it who does?).

What should I do? Take off the scab and bind her up? Separate her from everyone else? Just keep an eye on it and hope for the best?
For the time being I cleaned her up, put some salvant on it (a cure-all a family friend makes) and turned her loose in in the pen.

If you need more pictures just let me know.
I would clean that wound really good with Betadine and then apply Blu-Kote on it to help seal it over for faster healing. You say she is always getting pecked everyone else in the flock, or just one bully?
Alright, how should I go about cleaning it? Take off the scab, or just carefully clean it?

It seems to be the three 7-y/os I have. However it's been better lately. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she hurt herself...she's really clumsy and flighty.
If it has scabed over don't remove it, just take some cotton balls drenched in Betadine and pat the wound so it gets in there real good. Let dry and then spray Blu-Kote over it or Vetericyn Spray would also be good. Best of luck and keep us updated!!

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