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    Jan 26, 2011
    figured i'd relate this little conversation i had with a vegan. i think it's funny anyway.

    i was working construction at the time and was sitting outside on the sidewalk. the building we were re-wireing was like a strip mall store. anyway i brought my lunch that day and was eating ham (from a feral pig i had shot) and a fried drumstick (rooster rotating time, prevents inbreeding). this guy stops and asks me "Do you know how those poor creatures were raised?"

    I was a bit confused at first so "what creatures?" looking around

    guy: "that poor pig and chicken that was murdered and now you're eating."

    me: "ooooh *light comes on* as a matter of fact i do. the rooster had a quite nice life till the end and the pig was probably miserable."

    guy: "how could you think the chicken could have a nice life in an overcrowded cage being feed hormones. i'm just glad you know the pig had a miserable life on that "farm"" (apparently a "farm" is the floor below hell)

    me: "overcrowded? i'll have you know that this fellow lived on my "farm" and lived a life of carnal pleasures. and the pig would have had a much happier life if not for "enlightened people,.... like you" releasing them into the wild where they starve, destroy vegetable gardens, become a nuisance, and have to be shot." *grin and take another bite.*

    guy: *glares mouth opening and closing nothing coming out finally walks off followed by me and co workers snickering at him* (I swear i heard him call me a cannibal as he walked off.

    Is it wrong of me to antagonize people that antagonize me first? especially uninformed ones?

    add funny convos you've had. i need a laugh. it's raining so i can't go out and work, and the kids got an x-box kenect yesterday evening. the jumping and high pitched screaming started at 7 A.M.
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    I'm a vegetarian and have said many times on this forum that I NEVER lecture carnivores. It's their business what they eat. Now, if someone asks me about factory farming, etc., I will gladly inform them, but I never offer it first or push it on anyone. To each their own. This guy obviously assumed you were eating factory meat; clearly never entered his mind that you might have raised it humanely yourself (not that it's his business anyway).

    Now, from the opposite side of that scenario, I've had some pretty stupid things said to me from meat eaters. Many stereotypes, which really bugs me. If I show up at someone's house and there's meat being served or eaten, they all cringe and give me weird looks as if I'm about to lecture them, which I would NEVER do. Some ask sarcastic questions like, "So what do you eat, grass??" or "So I guess you just live on salad". Or if I'm seen eating dessert they'll say "I thought you were a health nut!?!" as if being a vegetarian makes me a "health nut". A few people will be outright cruel and come up and say (as they're eating meat) "Oh, this poor piggie..... yum yum". It really irks me because I never harass them for eating meat and yet many are happy to harass me for not eating it. Or they'll ask if I'm one of those nuts who dumps blood on people's fur coats, etc. I really hate being categorized with terrorists and fanatics.

    I always react very calmly, with things like "I could care less what you eat, that's your business", but people are still convinced that I'm somehow judging them for eating meat.

    I know you asked for funny stories, and none of this is that funny, but every time I hear a story about some nut job vegan it really bugs me because it makes us "normal" ones look bad!

    If I think of a funny story, I'll add it. Meanwhile, enjoy whatever it is that you choose to eat!
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    I thought this was going to be about arm bones.

    By the way, I'm more omnivore than carnivore.
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    [​IMG] I knew you couldn't resist daccers.
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    Jan 26, 2011
    oh one more sorta. proof that someone upstairs has a sense of humor.

    I was coming back from a deer drive. and had 2 on the back of my truck. stop at the local gas station to show them off to a few friends there. one of the clerks there says. "I don't know why any of you hunt deer. they are just so sweet and innocent. what did they ever do to you." then he shows us his new Cammero.

    i came back 2 days later and the whole front end of the car was messed up. when i asked him what had happened.................can you guess?

    "I hit a deer." i was in tears before i got out of there from holding the laughing in. and then in tears from laughing when i got back to my truck.

    for my first post.I was not vegetarian hate'in. to each their own it's a choice. and i even agree with them on the meat industry. it was being confronted aggresively by a stranger that produced that response.
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