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    Ok, I'm new at this! I'm hatching my first set of eggs. From what I'm reading it sounds like lockdown is on day 19. So if you want to be sure the humidity is up, do you do this on like day 18? Do you add wet paper towels, sponges, or fill up the little cups that are in some types of incubators a day or so before you go into lock down?
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    Quote:I use a sepperate hatcher & try to keep the humidity at 60-65%, & go into lockdown on day 18, use what ever you have to to get the humidity up to this % & hold it there.
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    I'm liking this this thread, because I have been locking down on day 19..which, I count as the last day I, is that really not day 19? I start count the day "after" I set them in the bator. Right now, I have some Americaucana/EE's in the bator, and they are now on lock down, being the first day after I stopped turning them, meaning..they should hatch on day 21 tomorrow..I have one pip out of 6 right now. So, they are starting. I realize, many times, it takes some to hatch a day or two longer.

    Oh, and I use a sponge that I can get wet to keep the humidity up through the hole of my Hova....I use a couple of straws hooked together, and then a syringe to put the water through to the sponge. [​IMG]
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