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    I went into lockdown last night. I have a hovabator 1588. I filled both water trays last night and put into lockdown. My humidity this morning is only about 58%. It has been running at 46 - 48 days 1-18. What do I do? Should I open the lid and add wet wash cloths? Should I leave it alone?

    I have a line of aquarium tubing running into the largest water tray so I can add water without opening but it is completely full. No pips yet... Should I open and add cloths?
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    Put a straw down through the top plug hole and then use a discarded Afrin bottle or similar bottle to add warm/very warm water down into the bottom of the bator.
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    58% is not bad at all. I'm running 60% presently in lock down. As the chicks pip and zip your humidity will go up. If your worried calibrate your hygrometer or add a small tumbler or shot glass of water.

    I don't use the lower water trays at all. Just no way to manage humidity for me in my area, it would be far too much. With one tumbler sitting in incubator my humidity was 40% steady. With three tumblers I'm at 60% steady and liking it. Basically, a shot gas would raise you 5% and a small tumbler 10% higher than what your bottom trays are giving you. Your house must be very dry.

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