Humidity level for incubation of Bantam eggs


Aug 8, 2021
Wondering what humidity level will Bantam eggs require? Also can you hatch Bantam and regular size eggs in the same incubator?
I always put them in together and find they hatch at the same time.

I keep my humidity at 25-30% for days 0-18, then increase it to 70-75% but it depends on your climate and the ventilation in your incubator as to what works best. Don't go lower than 25% as the eggs will dry out too fast. Candle to keep an eye on the growth of the air cell. You can find air cell charts by searching on Google to compare them to.

If your climate is very dry you might find the humidity needs to be higher.

Good luck with your hatch.
I have done bantam and regular sized eggs in the same incubator plenty of times. I incubate them exactly the same but put bantam eggs in lockdown a day or two early since they tend to hatch earlier than regular eggs.

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