Humidity up or down, how high ?

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    Apr 23, 2010
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    OK, so it is true, the more you read the more confusing it gets. I have Mallard eggs in a Hovabator forced air on day 29.
    I have been following the instructions to the letter such as fill tray X when, tray Y when, do this, stop that when etc. [​IMG]
    And then there is BYC who I trust sooooo much more than any instruction sheet or general hatchery advice. [​IMG]

    I read everything from add a wet sponge or your chicks will shrink wrap to keep the humidity down or the chicks will drown in the shell. [​IMG]

    These are eggs from my ducks so any failure to hatch will be my fault alone, not shipping etc. [​IMG]

    I have no pips yet and I know I shouldn't worry. (yet), but I would really like to know, ... sponge ? pull the plugs ? Put them back ? [​IMG]

    At the moment I have both plugs pulled to keep water from forming on the windows and both trays filled. The temp is stable at 98.75. I have no way to monitor the humidity.
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    got no ducks, But, pick a system you like and try it. You have to develop and choose the one that works for you. Other wise you'll go crazy.
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    Quote:Exactly. I suggest you consistently follow the instructions, analyze the results, come back on here for discussion of the results if you wish, and adjust as required. If you don't stay consistent you will not know what went wrong or how to correct it.

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    Apr 23, 2010
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    Thank you both so much. I feel better. [​IMG]
    I hate that they would possibly die because of me [​IMG] but I know whatever happens it will be better for the next batch. [​IMG]

    As for learning to adjust from this experience, I will never know.
    Every time I would read about "shrink wrapping" I would put the plugs back in and every time I would read about chicks "drowning in their shell" I would take the plugs out !! [​IMG]

    As for not going crazy ... too late ! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    My suggestion to you is before you set any more eggs buy a small digital Temp-Humidity gauge for about $10 and quit guessing what the humidity is in the Bator.

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