Hurricane coming my way!


8 Years
Apr 20, 2011
Rockingham County, NH
Irene is suppose to visit us all the way up in NH. Last night they said category 2, today they say Tropical Storm strength. What is correct protocol for the chickens? Do I leave them in their coop? Keep them out of their run? Any advice would be great!
I'm 50 miles or so N west of DC and I plan to leave them in their coop its nice and sturdy
so I feel they will be fine. I am heading out to get gas for my generator though because
I have reef tanks that need power plus my refrigerator etc..
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I was sweating this storm a few days ago when it looked like we were getting it.
I have more roos than coops and cages right now.

I would coop them as long as the structure is sturdy. Closing them in just before the weather ramps up is probably a good idea as well. You do need to make sure they have adequate ventilation though. Remember, the rain comes in sideways so you don't want wide open windows.

Good luck! I hope it doesn't get too rough there.
I live in Florida about 4 miles from the Atlantic ocean. Generally if we get hurricane force winds i bring my chickens in the garage, tropical storm or below i leave em in the coop, they keep themselves out of the run. Good luck and stay safe!
yeah I was thinking of rain coming in side ways I have 3 windows on the front and one long
one on the back but the coop also has a ridge vent so I will probably only have the front windows cracked
an inch or two. yesterday I was preparing and cleaned out the coop really well. here's the coop its built well
and extremely heavy. we are getting T storms right now.
Besides wind driven rain, take in consideration tree branches or trees that might fall on your chicken house. Do you really want your chickens locked up inside their house if you have large branches or trees hanging over their house? A roll of chicken wire or netting, lumber/nails, tarps... for quick repairs to the pen would be helpful to have as well. I've been through these storms and if you've got trees in your yard and the winds are sustained high enough...branches and trees will fall.
I have a coop that is partially covered but exposed to rain on one side. I am in Miami so the immediate threat has passed but on Sunday i assembled a huge dog crate inside in case I need to remove the flock to it. The flock is two OEGB hens and one OEGB roo
I wouldn't be so worried that they'd get wet, it rains plenty here, but more worried that something could crash into their coop and they could be injured. Luckilly I don't need to worry about Hurricane Irene, but the season has just started gearing up so the dog crate is just one of my preparation things- along with flashlights, instant coffee, etc.

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