Hurt chicken - looking for a free - low cost vet


5 Years
Sep 21, 2014

I have an Americana that recently hurt herself while startling when she came out of the coop door.
She was perfect earlier that day but something happened on her way out of the coop. I didn't see it all so not sure what exactly happened.
She is alert still and makes motions to want to get up. She isn't eating hardly anything which is worrisome.
I bring her out each day to help her move around and she doesn't try to get away or show signs of pain but she doesn't mover her legs or support her weight.
I am looking for a free to low cost clinic in the SF/Bay area/ Peninsula/ Half Moon bay/ Santa Cruz/San Jose area.
Any leads would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Hi Anole. Sorry about your hen. Feel her legs and compare them to the other healthy birds legs. If something is broken it will be dangling. If it is dislocated, you can feel it from the outside. Feel up around the hip area and again, compare it to the other side. This is just to get an idea what might be going on.

Keep her in a small cage with food and water near by her so she doesn't have to get up at all. Chickens that aren't doing anything don't need a lot of food. If they are pooping out 2 or 3 poops over night, she is probably maintaining her weight. See if keeping her in a cage for a few weeks doesn't help her heal, that is if nothing is broken.

Put some apple cider vinegar in her water. 3/4 teaspoon of acv in a 1 quart waterer. Plastic only. Change this out every day and make new. ACV helps with inflammation. Give her some baby asprin. (not adult but baby asprin.) 1/2 tab in the morning, the other half in the evening. Cut it in half and put half in a raisin. Do the same at night. This will help her with pain and swelling. Give this asprin to her for a couple weeks.

And let her eat what ever she will eat right now. Sick or injured birds many times won't eat their chicken feed. So feed her other things to help keep the appetite going. Hard boiled eggs is emergency food for birds and can sustain them for long periods of time. Veggies, meat scraps, other things too.

You might also do some chatting in your state thread to connect with others in your area if you want to take her to a vet....

There is also a northern ca and a southern ca if you want to hone in on your area.

Good luck with your hen and I hope she can make a full recovery.

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