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Jul 6, 2018
I know there are a ton of threads like this one, I have read a lot of them and tried a lot of advice. Vet is not an option here, if it was I would certainly have tried that first

My duck has a hurt foot. She has been limping for about a week prior. It was getting worse so I caught her and brought her in.It’s swollen and hot to the touch. I looked on bottom and there was a black spot. Immediately thought bumblefoot and tried to treat for that, however once I soaked and pulled the black off, there was nothing underneath. Like it had healed over the infection already. I have had her confined in a crate so she can’t really use the leg. I started her on an antibiotic mixed in her water. I soak the foot twice daily in epsom salt and iodine water. I had the foot wrapped with Neosporn where the scap was but it completely healed now. Is there anything else I could be doing?
thank you in advance.


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It looks like infection is in the joint or it’s an injury. What antibiotic are you using. And mixing with water pretty much dilutes it to where it’s not doing much good

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