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Sep 1, 2019

A local chicken farm has gone bankrupt and they’re selling their laying hens off to people in the hope they get a good home rather than slaughtered. We’ve decided to do our bit and buy two or three of them for our garden. The whole garden in enclosed so we just want a house for them at night. We bought this rabbit hutch but need advice on what it needs to be suitable for hens. I’ve heard they need a perch and a nest but no info on what these are or how to make them for the hutch. Any advice is much appreciated please


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Hi it’s pretty large. Housed two large rabbits before hand. The bottom but won’t be used as the ramp can go from the hutch direct into the garden in the day for them to free roam.
No idea. This is all the info we have on them


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Hi it’s pretty large. Housed two large rabbits before hand.
Rabbits need much less space than chickens.

Looks small, what are the actual measurements? If you are planning to have 3 standard hens you'll want at least 12 sq ft inside for them, not counting the nest box, plus about 3' of roost bar.
Ditto Dat^^^

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