Hygrometer Question.


8 Years
Apr 9, 2011
I only had pickling salt on hand so that's what I used.My hygros (two) are both reading 66% they have been in the bag about 18 hours and have held steady for several hours. I know different salts release humidity at different rates could the discrepancy be from the salt? Should I assume the both are accurate?
Pickling salt is still Sodium chloride. Difference between it and regular salt is the lack of iodine and its finer. None the less still NaCl. So therefor (if im right) both yours are wrong. Salt created a humidity of 75.3% IIRC which makes yours 9% off
not if they are the same brand. Ive got 10 or so floating around here. Some are off the same amount some are different some off a few % some off alot of %. I would still get some regular salt just to be sure.

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