Hypericum for Nerve Damge

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  1. RapidsMamaHen

    RapidsMamaHen Hatching

    Oct 9, 2016
    Just ordered Hypericum for my girl. I purchased the boiron 30c. Does anyone have the proper dosage?


    REIKIGIRL Hatching

    Dec 20, 2010
    I just ordered some too. I read this somewhere and sending it on to you.

    1 tablespoon of DISTILLED water per tablet Hypericum (must be distilled water, tap water is ionized and will deactivate the Hypericum)
    - MUST be mixed in a GLASS or PLASTIC bowl (metal with react with the water and herb)
    - drip 5-10 drops (bantam) or 10-15 drops (large fowl) on the afflicted bird's tongue. Be sure the bird rubs its beak together because the Hypericum MUST touch the sinuses (located on the roof of the mouth) in order to work
    - treat every 12 hours (morning and night) with a fresh batch
    - recovery may be as quick as 1 day or as slow as several months

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