I am back. The crazy chicken in me COULD NOT be tamed.

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    Oct 19, 2013
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    So do to an unexpected obstacle in myself and my families lives last year, we were going to have to move. Fortunately, the move is delayed for 2 years. Thinking that we were moving, I went ahead and re homed my birds (hurt me so bad [​IMG] .) I also got rid of both of my incubators I had knowing that if I didn't I for sure wouldn't be able to help myself from buying some fertile eggs and hatching them. For a year I've been missing my girls running around the yard and having my rooster crowing wake me up in the morning. I just found out the move is delayed and what can I say.... I BOUGHT SOME CHICKS! [​IMG] Uh.... 18 of them LOL. 11 assorted Silkies, 6 Easter Egger pullets, and 1 Easter Egger rooster from Ideal Poultry. I've heard mixed reviews on Ideal so I'm hoping all of my chicks arrive okay and healthy. I've also ordered from Meyer and McMurray in the past and was happy with both hatcheries, but Ideal was the only hatchery I found with chicks available sooner than others. The chicks ship on May 11th! Oh I think I forgot to mention... I bought another incubator too OOPS....... Just a HovaBator 1602N and an Incutherm Plus Thermometer/Hygrometer. I also bought a computer fan which I will make a fan kit out of instead of buying the expensive HovaBator fan kits. The old 2 Incubators I had were 2 fully loaded Hovabator Genesis 1588's with many accessories like egg turners and things of that nature. Man I miss those guys but this Incubator will have to do for now! So I guess what I'm saying is expect to see me posting on the forums more often now! Haven't been very active the past year on my account but I still have been lurking! Glad to be back here and starting over with some new girls!! [​IMG]
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