I am confused -- help?


In the Brooder
May 28, 2017
what do I do if a chick hatches.. but has blood and yolk connected to it that isn't absorbed? will it be okay?
Whether the chick will be okay or not depends on the amount of blood/yolk left unabsorbed and the amount of bleeding (if any) that occurs. In general, though, a chick will be fine if you just leave it in the incubator until the yolk is dried up or further absorbed.
it is absorbed (as far as it can be I guess) except she has a bit of a bloody butt.. and she is shaking .. is there something wrong (shakes are small and kinda like shivers but I do not think she is cold because she is in the incubator and even has a separate warm and damp towel so .. i am a bit confused at what to do

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