I am so sorry everyone


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Feb 26, 2009
Hoquiam, WA
I am so sorry to everyone that has felt like i have ignorred you or not answered any of my PM's.
The last week has been rough on my family. I have been able to keep in contact with a couple of you but not everyone that i have needed to. If I owe you any money, it is being sent.
Last week i had to leave the state for an emergency and as soon as i got home i found out another family member had a heart attack at 10am and was taken to the hospital. at noon, his wife started bleeding out of every hole and we didnt know why.
We found out he is going to make it through from the heart attack but she will not last till tomorrow. She has double kidney failure, half of her large intestine has died along with a large part of her stomach. She is rotting from the inside out. It has been a horrible experiance. I have been able to get onto facebook (farm town has been great) and everytime i tried to get on here i couldnt get to my messages and it kicked me off after a couple of minutes.

I just wanted to say that i am sorry that i didnt get things done and i know i am in the dog house with a couple people. I am very very very sorry and hope you can all forgive me.

For now, I am back and waiting on the delivery of my new lavender orp set tonight! Playing with my new babies from that hatched while i was away and looking to a calmer week.

Thanks Everyone

Buck Creek Chickens

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Nov 26, 2008
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Jun 26, 2008
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stop apologizing right now. you don't need an excuse. you have a perfect set of REASONS why. your family is way more important than internet 'life'.

my prayers are with you and i speak blessing over you for rest and peace.
welcome back to 'kind of real life' and glad to see you posting. sorry to see these things you have had to deal with. may God bless your whole family and many hugs to you.

Farmer Kitty

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Sep 18, 2007
Sorry to hear all you are going through. I know how illnesses in the family can take a tole as we have several sick members in our extended family as well.

Everyone should understand and if they don't, don't worry about them as they are not worth it.

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