I bought a Jersey Milk Cow!!!! Butter, cheese & cream.......


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12 Years
Jul 16, 2008
North-West Georgia
I have been wanting a family milker for a long time and today I found a small farm who is going to downsize their dairy herd. They have 6 cows for sale and I am going to have a look see tomorrow.

They are Jersey cows and most are milking now. One is bred to freshen her first time and anothe in milk is re-bred. I am soooo excited! All are halter broke and handled daily so they are very gentle and should make good family pets as well as milk producers.
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I had a Jersey years ago when I had six kids at home...she was lovely...they are so darned pretty...she was so tame and gentle...like a big puppy...butter, cream, butter milk, home made ice cream...oh man, those were the days...if you get one, I know you will love her...
I have been around milkers alot growing up and am very excited about having one of my very own. I have made arrangements to aquire two lovely nubian does as well so that I can make cheese and have the yummy goats milk. I want the cow for milk, buttermilk and butter! OH YUMM!

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