I Built A Bridge!

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    Jun 4, 2012
    I named my red star, Stella, which is star in Italian. There's also Estelle. It hadn't occurred to me that many people named hens, Henrietta, but that was my great aunt's name, who passed recently, and she was such a fun woman, I've considered it. You could say you're naming her after my Aunt Hank! :) I gave up trying to give French Marans French names because they never sounded right to me. I was trying to think of French names for Rousseau's babies, and wasn't happy with them, though Mimi was close. Rousseau is definitely a weird name for a hen, so I'm glad you like it! She was named after my aunt's persian cat, whom we took care of when I was a kid, and he was one of my all-time favorite cats. Rousseau the hen bore a striking resemblance to Rousseau the cat, so that's how that happened. Are you a history teacher? I was too, once upon a time! Bettina is my only brahma (before these babies), so she's the only one I named after a teacher - Bettina Aptheker from UCSC. I told her assistant once, who said Bettina would get a kick out of it, but don't know if she was told.

    So, opera, has been an interesting development! I always loved to sing and I really loved opera - it was one of the reasons I studied in Italy in college, but I never thought I could sing opera. I played piano seriously and thought that was my most realistic option, given people's responses to my playing v. my singing. But recently, after retiring from my sport and having time for a new hobby (other than farming), I started singing in choirs again, and then found a great teacher, and now I'm singing opera! I'm blown away by how much I could improve with just practice and a great teacher - I'm starting to think anyone could be an opera singer if they were just motivated enough. I'm not trying to make a profession out of it - I'm just thrilled to be able to sing some of my favorite arias and not have people (or pets) running from the room. What I really want to do is musical improv - like improvised musical theater. I've done a few workshops and it seems to be where my skills most align. So, we shall see! Never give up on your dreams, I say, even if you've put them on hold for awhile!
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    Mar 18, 2012
    Super Cool about the opera. Congrats on discovering a new creative outlet! But of equal importance...Are you a UCSC grad too??? Was Intro to Feminism with Bettina Apthecker one of your courses? I loved that class! Also Female Physiology and Gynocology with Josette Maldonado (I think that was her last name) Did you have any classes with Dane Archer or Candace West? They were two of my favorites??? I graduated in 84 from Stevenson as a Sociology major then went back and got my credential in 89.
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    Good morning Bridge Club [​IMG]

    Just as I was saying to Joel that the suspense is killing me, in her best peacock impersonation Tina announced that she was off the nest having a stretch and a bite to eat. I do believe I beat my own PB at getting from the house to the coop!

    WE HAVE A PIP!!! [​IMG]
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    I knew it, keep a piping kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![​IMG][​IMG]
  5. Teila

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    16 paws because the odds were not good, I did a pretty good job of not getting excited over the past 3 weeks but boy oh boy am I making up for it now! lol.

    I have all these things I should be doing and I am pacing around the place like an expectant father!

    OK 1 pip may only be early days but very very exciting when you factor in all the X's in those check boxes [​IMG]
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    DO NOT break your neck trying to get out there to see whats going on......Take a deep breath.....now exhale sloooooooooooooooooowly.......[​IMG]

    Ok, continue on calmly to the nest. Breath again.....and so on.....RELAX[​IMG]

    We will all be on stand-by to hear every detail. I am going to cancel my dinner plans right now....[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  7. Teila

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    lolz 16 paws, great advice but too late, I am officially a mess!
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    I wish I was there, You are so cute...Bestest chicken mom ever! Is she back on the nest? What time is it there? I bet you will be up all night.

    Please remind us, what kind of eggs is she sitting on again?
    Happy for your joy!

  9. 16 paws

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    Does Joel have any more of that beer from the other night? I think you may need a drink!
  10. Teila

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    lolz 16 paws and thank you! Not so sure about cute; right now I am a wreck!

    Yep, she is back on the nest; very alert. It is only 09:20am on Sunday so I have all day to work myself into a frenzy! Probably a bit early to start drinking! Might have to stick with coffee.

    I had to go back through my posts to remember what I gave her.

    She has 2 which were 10 days when given to her, marked Lav and White Silkie.
    1 which was 9 days when given to her, marked Gloria (no idea what Gloria is! lol).
    2 which were 7 days when given to her, one is not marked and the other was also marked Gloria.

    So, pretty much, besides knowing they are apparently all bantams, 2 have a mom called Gloria, one is total mystery, one has a lavender as a mom and one has a white silkie as a mom and dad is a frizzle, I have no idea!!

    I was so excited I didn't even check out which one was pipped! Just saw a pip! If Tina leaves the nest again I will make note of the pip(s).

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