I candled for the first time

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    May 7, 2007
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    Like a lot of people, I got an incubator for Christmas. [​IMG]
    I started 11 eggs and today was day 7.

    I have been so excited waiting for today to get here. I know my rooster is a busy boy so I have been pretty optomistic about fertility.

    Unfortunately I don't know much more than I did before I candled them. I think 2 are duds, 3 are speckly (bacteria?) and most of the rest seemed to have a dark spot. My son said not to take any out yet. He thinks it might be to early to tell. That gave me hope.

    I will try again on day 12.

    I hope [​IMG]
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    It sounds like you have 6 that are viable (the ones with the dark spot). That's probably the embryo. I would do what you are doing and wait until the second candlling before tossing any.[​IMG]

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