I cannot believe what my neighbor did today.....

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    I first need to lay some groundwork and let you all know some history here:

    A couple of weeks ago I think I posted on a thread about my neighbor harrassing my son and his friends from our neighborhood. She accused them of barking at her elderly dog while it was in the front yard, and screamed at them to stop 'popping wheelies' in front of her house. They were on a public street and never came on her property. She came out with a video camera and proceeded to film our children without our consent. One mother saw her, and was livid. We told our boys to stay away from her house.....don't even LOOK her way.

    Well, day before yesterday the little boy that lives on the OTHER side of 'Joan' was over playing with my son and asked me if he could have a chick to raise if he built a coop for it. I told him to ask his mom, and then he and my oldest son made plans today to build the coop. I thought this was great! They are just 11 years old, and they are good kids.......what a memory to make together as friends!!! I gave them some old scrap wire and a few pieces of scrap wood, and they built a great little coop!!!
    Unfortunately, the only shade where they could build it, is on the property line adjoining 'Joan'. They made sure that it was far enough over that she couldn't complain.......after all, she has umpteen stray dogs in a pen nearby. The one chicken shouldn't be an issue, and it wasn't. Her problem was, that the kids had dug a couple of small holes over on her property. She hasn't the sense enough to acknowledge that kids aren't equipped with surveys and land plats. She came running out with the phone and said she had the cops on the phone and that they were on their way to pick up all these kids for trespassing and damaging her property!
    Well, my son's friend whispered to his little sister to go and get their mom.'Joan' screams that the cops were coming to get them, and the little girl ran, weeping and terrified to her mom, who calls my house, crying, and got my husband on the phone and told him to get over there........quick. My son said that 'Joan' grabbed him and shoved the phone in his face and said, "Here, tell this policeman what your name is!" My son said he just froze and didn't speak. Then she continued to try to get these kids to talk to the police on the phone......and my husband walked up on this. A huge verbal battle began with 'Joan', the little boy's mom......AND another mom who just happened to be visiting from up the street. It was horrible!!! The county deputy showed up, and my husband refused to cooperate until the kids were sent in the house.

    These 11, 8, and 7 year old kids were building a chicken coop, folks. They weren't endangering anyone. They weren't taunting her. They just, without knowledge, dug a couple of holes on the wrong side of the property line. 7 kids were witness to this nightmare today, and I am at my wits end with this woman.

    We have tolerated her antics, because she has had a couple of small strokes recently. But ya'll, she went down the street and took some people's dog out of their fence last year, and kept it in her house.....saying they didn't feed it. They were furious when they found out, as they thought the dog had been stolen. She also took another neighborhood pet and had it SPAYED without the owners knowledge!!!!!! Yes !!!!!! Spayed. She has nearly run our kids over in the street trying to drive and scream at them at the same time. For just being kids!!! I live in a small community, and we all have kids around the same age that go to the same school. I am so blessed that my children can spend their summers like we did as kids..........Riding bikes in the neighborhood, playing at a friends house up the street. Basically, being carefree kids who are enjoying their summer because we all know each other, and we know someone is watching out for our children no matter where they happen to be on our street. We share dogs, eggs, kids, and babysitting......its a wonderful neighborhood.

    Even though we put up with 'Joan' year round, this lunatic has ruined most of their summer by badgering them, threatening them, and now......calling the cops on them!! There may never be a solid resolution to this problem unless she moves.........I just don't like the idea of her filming my kids, grabbing them , and intimidating them. Should I file a complaint about her? What would you guys do???
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    Sounds like Joan has some mental issues. Does she have any children that could be notified that she is causing some problems?
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    omg! pearl thats horrid! i cant believe that some one would do that! i would deffinatly complain for harssment at the least! thats soo bad! ugh! well atlest shes old and wont be there for the rest of ur life.. omg.. that sounds horrible... [​IMG] but true... :| lol... i hope everything goes right!
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    Quote:I was going to ask the exact same question.

    If someone grabbed MY child and screamed at them like that you can bet they'd be hauling her butt off to jail - strokes or no strokes. I think it's time for the neighborhood to start filming her behavior and file a complaint against her for endangering the lives of children.
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    Time to think of something wonderful that the boys could do for her in service.

    You could start out with a plate of cookies...

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    I agree this is just insane! If she is endangering their lives trying to scream at them and nearly hitting them with her car something has to be done before she actualy harms them. And things are diffently going the wrong way if she is grabbing and screaming at them. And if she is taking people's pets and having them fixed just because she thinks it has to be done something should have been said tot he police right then and there. I'm sorry you have such an ugly situation on your hands and feel worse for the kids having to deal with this.
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    Yes, my husband called her daughter and spoke with her......but she was so angry that someone screamed at her mom, she wouldn't even address what her mother had done.
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    Apr 15, 2007
    Northwest Alabama
    **Mahonri, I have given her dozens of fresh eggs this summer, and my boys have always helped her out with a thing or 2 in her yard. I have always stressed to them to be respectful to her. Even if she is a loon. [​IMG]
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    How did things turn out with the police?

    Umm, she sounds insane. I would suggest turning her in for any illegal activities, such as stealing dogs, and harassment.

    We used to have a man like that who lived at the end of the road, who actually chased me down the road in his truck to scream at me for turning around in the (paved and maintained by the county and in no way posted as private) circle at the end of the road that was in front of his property. Apparently he just decided to claim it. [​IMG] He did many other nasty things. Then he died of a heart attack (who didn't see that coming?) I actually do feel sorry for people that are that miserable, there's no way that they can be happy.
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    She does sound like she is in need of referral. Did the deputy document the situation and did you get a case number? You should contact him if you did not, and request one. You need to approach adult social services about her and have dates, times, events as well as supporting documentation. Do not sound accusatory, do not sound like the injured party. You need to be the "Concerned citizen", who is looking out for her best interest before she harms or is harmed by someone. If she has had "several small strokes, it is very likely that she has suffered some serious brain damage that has changed her personality at some fundamental level. The behaviors you are describing are worrisome as they are indicative of paranoia, and possibly delusional behaviors. Though it is easy to hate her, much like I want to hate my own evil neighbor, please try to investigate the underlying issues, and contact the proper authorities and let them work. If they do not do their jobs, then build a fence, and avoid at all costs as she sounds like she is rapidly decompensating.
    It is always best to sound like the rational calm one who is trying to look out for the burdensome neighbor, than the angry, foaming at the mouth, wanting to SSS the idiot that you really long to be,(trust me ,I KNOW [​IMG] took me awhile to figure it out, but I know), and now he is the one who looks like a jerk when the cops show up.
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