i cant find it in my ordinances...were else?

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    Here are the things mentioned about poultry or anymals besides those of dogs, of sale and besides what they speak on registered farms....no where i cant find that says you cant keep poultry any suggestions..i mean im slow but its pretty clear that it doesnt say i cant have chickens......

    Chapter 18 PEST CONTROL
    Sec. 18-8. Storage of feed.
    All feed used for chickens, cows, pigs, horses and other animals shall be stored in
    rat-free and ratproof containers, compartments or rooms, unless stored in a ratproof building.
    (Code 1970, § 16-8)

    Chapter 6 ANIMALS*
    *Charter references: Authority to regulate and prohibit poultry pens and houses, to regulate
    removal of dead animals, § 533; authority to regulate driving or leading animals through streets,
    § 535; authority to regulate dogs and other animals, § 537.
    Cross references: Health, Ch. 12; protection of wildlife, § 17-40; allowing dogs or pets to run
    at large within public parks prohibited, § 17-47.
    State law references: Authority to regulate running at large of animals and to prohibit cruelty
    to animals, G.S. § 7.148(c)(7)(D)(i); authority to regulate and prohibit keeping of animals, G.S.
    Art. I. In General, §§ 6-1--6-15
    Art. II. Dogs, §§ 6-16--6-35
    Art. III. Pigeons, § 6-36

    (5) Farm equipment used on a property, the principal use of which is agricultural
    whether for gain or private consumption either by owner or tenant, is excluded
    from the effect of this article. The term "farm equipment" does not include any
    type of motor vehicle licensed by the state for travel on the public highway
    except vehicles bearing farm plates. The term "farm" includes stock, dairy,
    poultry, fruit and truck farms.

    Sec. 8-6. Posting bills and hitching animals to fire alarm poles prohibited;
    No person shall post or in any manner affix any placards, bills or notices upon any of the
    fire alarm, telegraph poles or boxes, nor hitch or fasten any animal to any such poles or boxes,
    nor wilfully injure, deface or in any manner interfere with any of the fire alarm telegraph poles,
    boxes, wires or connected apparatus.
    (Code 1970, § 15-31)
    Secs. 8-7--8-13. Reserved.
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    Look at your specific zoning and the allowed uses. Make sure you read through the rues of construction that are probably near the beginning of the entire zoning code. Those are likely to determine whether or not chickens are permitted, and what limitations there may be.

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