I can't get over my first cull


7 Years
Jul 27, 2012
I had a few sick chickens about a month ago. (I have 5 golden comets-were sold to me as RIR,need to change a few things on BYC- 2 Cochins and 1 wyandotte) All of them seem to be back to health now, but one of the reds just couldn't pull it back together. She had a nasty cough, watery poop, and hadn't laid an egg in over a month. I had her quarantined for the last two weeks and was giving her electrolytes but nothing was helping her. I made the mistake of making my girls more of pets and yesterday I couldn't stand her suffering anymore. I could feel her breathing was labored when holding her. My husband stood behind me when I culled her. I cried. I keep telling myself I did the right thing but I can't stop thinking about it. How do you cope with this first cull????
well u always got to think that u helped her from more misery oh just curious how did u cull her i have always wondered this i have never culled but am interested in breeding silkies so need to be prepared for coming if the occasion arise .. a deformity or something :(
You were brave and DID do the right thing. You ended her suffering and gave her peace. I never find it an easy thing to do either. I just keep reminding myself they are in a better place.

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