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I'm making my coop. I'm nailing 1x6's to the side of the coop and I think I'm doing awesome. Yesterday I built the floor and base. Even got the vinyl on it! Today before 9 I have the front done except the roof. I was so happy I moved on the the side. Well, about 2 boards remain on that side and my highly intelligent self FORGOT THE POP DOOR. I wish I hadn't. It's not a thing of just moving the door to the other side, because it's heavy and sitting close to the fence. How stupid stupid stupid! I am now thinking of adding a door to the back and just having a funky shaped run. I can't believe I did that! I mean COME ON.

So the whole point, what are your coop mess ups?

Anyone have an idea on how to fix it without taking down 3 hours of hammering in nails?
Time to grab a reciprocating saw and fix it! Or a drill and a jig saw.

It's better than nailing yourself in...which is something I might do.
Why can't you just cut out an opening? Use a circular saw, and do a plunge cut, or a jig saw, or a sawzall or a rotozip. Then frame it out with 2x4's inside. If you have to cut into framing, that's OK too. Just reframe around the hole.

Why can't you take down the siding as another alternative? Should be easy if you are using 1x6 vertical boards.
My neighbors don't even use a pop door. They just go out in the morning, open up the "man size" door, and come out at night to close it up. Works just fine. I actually didn't even know about them until I got on this site and started to look at all of the really cool coops everyone had here. Good Luck!
I think I can just cut it, framing it on the inside, then cutting. Okay. This could work. My daily access door is going to be a roof peice that lifts up. I would show pictures to explain it, but I have no working camera
Good thing chickens don't care, eh?

LOL Very good think. The siding is not joined, so there are little gaps. I was worried, but moms reply "What, they like hillbilly windows LOL" When it's hot like now it's fine. I am going to cover them later on though. Probably plywood.

To those thinking this is a nice coop HAHA. These aren't NEW 1x6's. They are knotty, warped 1x6s refurbished from the deck. They are working well though!
You go kid. How old are you. If i lived closer to you i would come help. When you run into problems just remember when building there are no problems... just solutions to situations. Keep plugging and you will get er done.

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