I could use some advice on sour crop

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    Jul 8, 2008
    I am very new at this. My daughter and I got some chicks this spring. All are doing well except one, she is such a sweet chicken and I don't like seeing her like this. This has been going on for a while now, every sence they got feathers and we put them out side. She is very front heavy and when she walks its like she has two very large breasts that sway side to side. I have read some things on sour crop and have gave her plain yogurt and olive oil massaged her crop heard it gurgleing squeezed it and tiped her up side down and had her throw up a number of times. When we were done we were both covered in a greenish gray sandy mix of food, sand and grass. I have done this a number of times now but the next morning she gets big again. The last three times I didn't even have to give her oil I just pick her up massage her crop she will straiten her neck out open her beak you can hear air and bubleing then up it comes, the poor thing her eyes roll back and her tongue sticks out I straighten her neck out and sqeez her crop and it just pours out and I have to stop and clean her beak from the larger peices that get stuck. But when were done she acts like she feels better her crop feels empty but she dosen't weigh very much afterwards I'm afraid she is not getting much food in her.
    I could use some advise.
    Green Horn
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    Hi and welcome! If you do a search using the search button at the top you can probably find out what you are looking for. Also, if you look up (using search)--dhlunicorn . She has an awesome website with lots of info on chicken conditions.

    i personally don't have any experience in this. good luck!

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