I did a search and couldn't find it: no air cell???


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11 Years
Mar 5, 2008
I know this is a stupid newbie question, but this is my first time shipping eggs to someone and I want to make sure. I collected eggs yesterday and today to send in a shipping-skill test, and when I candled to make sure they weren't cracked I couldn't see an air cell. I know the air cell gets bigger the older the egg is, but I wanna make sure. These are about as fresh as they get, like I said, laid yesterday and today. In a couple of the white ones I could see a tiny half-dime area in the end of the egg, which I believe to be the air cell....

I know this is a very "duh" question, but everyone says no question is a dumb question, even coming from someone who's been around BYC for over a year
Nope not a dumb question at all. Very fresh eggs have small air cells in the big end of the egg. I believe that what you are seeing is the actual air cell. It sounds to be the right size for a egg as fresh as you are discribing. I've candled some fresh light brown eggs before and really had to look hard for one. They are not always easy to detect.
Hope all goes well with your shipping-skill test.


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