I did it...I bought ducks

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by CTChickenMom, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. CTChickenMom

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    Jan 5, 2009
    SE Connecticut
    So I go to my sister's house for the weekend so that we can attend the New England Poultry Congress together and low and behold I buy a pair of call ducks. They were so cute! For $20 I got them. They looked a bit stressed in their cage at the show and I felt bad. They were the last ones.

    Back at my sister's house, I fill the tub a few inches and they go crazy dunking and dipping over and over again. They looked so much cleaner and perkier! It seemed they were actually blowing their noses in the water. They'd put their beaks in the water and blow bubbles with their beaks closed. I'm guessing they had dust in their nostrils.

    After about 20-30 minutes, I put them in a large cat carrier that my sister has. My sister put shavings in for me and I gave them fresh water and some food. They are resting comfortably now, clean and at peace. I can't wait to get them home. They will live in my large chick brooder until I get them a house built.

    Oh, by the by, I named them Daisy and Donald. Isn't that original? [​IMG]
  2. Wifezilla

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    Oct 2, 2008

    (and welcome to the duck side!)
  3. The Chicken People

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    May 4, 2009
    Smithville, Mo
  4. annie3001

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    Jun 11, 2009
    how exciting!!![​IMG]
  5. ChickBond 007

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    Feb 26, 2009
    Madison County, Iowa
    I have 3 bantam call ducks. They are supposed to be white but prefer to be muddy!
    Congrats !
  6. tia

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    Apr 19, 2009
    Valdez, Alaska
    That is so exciting!!! Have to see pictures as soon as possible.....
  7. Shadowhills Farm

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    Nov 14, 2009
    Crystal River, Fl
    WOW! $20 for both??? Great deal, in my opinion! around here they're like $25 and up for ONE...
  8. rainplace

    rainplace Interstellar Duck Academy

    and the pictures are where?
  9. Henrietta23

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    Oct 20, 2007
    Eastern CT
    Yay!!! More ducks in Connecticut!!!!
  10. poultrypatch

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    Aug 15, 2009
    Hi CTchickenmom.........Congrats on the new duckies ! I live in MA...can you pls tell me, how do you find out about these poultry shows ??? I'd love to go to one. I'm not that far from CT.
    Do I have to join something to find this imfo ?? Thanks !
    Rochester, MA

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