I did it!!!!


9 Years
Feb 11, 2010
Mountain West
I canned chicken stock! This was my first time making chicken stock or using a high pressure canner. I found one on my local online classifieds for $45. I used frugal's recipe and I got 24 quart jars, would have been 25, but one cracked in the canner. That's almost one quart of stock per chicken. I use this stuff all the time, so I am so excited. This should last me a long time! Thanks to those who encouraged me. The canning wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be, now peeling the chicken feet, ugh!


Great job! Nothing beats homemade stock. You are reaping the rewards of raising your own chickens. I just raised my first batch of meat chickens this spring and, while the processing troubled me a bit, I am determined to not buy grocery store chicken again.
ben&mom-processing troubled me a great deal, but I am starting to get over it, especially now that I have everything cut up and parted out. It took longer to do that, but I just rarely cook a whole chicken and it looks more like what I am used to now, so less troubling. Besides it is so much easier to me to just grab a bag of thighs or breasts or drums, it's how I'm used to cooking. My MIL prefers to cook a whole chicken and then make broth each time. Here's a picture of my 26 cornish cross in my freezer, only four wholes. They sure do shrink when you part them up


Katy-ME inspire YOU!
You are the cooking queen! Thanks for the compliment

Horse & Farm-Thanks!

Thundrr-Any time there is a soup or a sauce or a gravy. It's also great for stir fry or sometimes I add it to mashed potatoes for a flavor boost

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