I DID the Float test.

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    Apr 6, 2011
    so I did the water test. and all but one floated just a little to the top and from my understand of the water test that means they are still good to hatch ( right) so I brought them into the house. ( my hen is done with her eggs as far as i can tell) I have a heat lamp on them. I do not have an incubator nor the money to go get one. Im hoping this will work i just have to rotate them. they should be hatching in the next couple of days. as far as i know anyway any more advice or tips would be great. OR if i read it wrong and my eggs are bad PLEASE let me know.
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    Your lamp wont be warm enough and to much drafts. To bad you can make a incubator from a stryo ice chest or something.
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    When I was in fourth grade I lived in the suburbs of Chicago and we were the only complex that had a large pond close by. It seemed all the mallard ducks came there to lay their eggs and nest because during spring you could walk around and literally find nests everywhere full of eggs! One day the boys around the neighborhood thought it would be fun to steal them and throw them at each other. Being the animal lover I was it broke my heart so I went around to all the nests and took 2-3 eggs out (left some for the mamas to hatch) and brought them home. I had a heated waterbed....sooo I cranked up the heater to the highest setting..... which if I remember right was about 98 or 99 degrees and made a nest for about 25 duck eggs. I slept on the floor and kept them covered up hiding them from my parents. One day my mom went to make my bed and found them all! Boy was I in trouble!!! She told me I was going to cook them and it would never work...I convinced her to let me keep them at least a couple of weeks and if they started to smell I would toss em. I thought I was saving them from the boys LOL..... Sure enough a few weeks went by and I started hearing "cheep cheep" out of the eggs. I had successfully hatched out 23 of the 25 eggs. Let me tell you that my mom was amazed, yet very concerned because now we had 23 baby ducklings in a 3 bedroom condo! HAHA She still tells people the story and I am 30 years old. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] It was a childhood experience I will never forget.

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