i didnt kow this would happen!

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    i put my 6 week olds in with my 10 week olds in the coop yesterday. thismorning i came out and one of my 10week olds was dead. the 6 week olds had peaked it to death! i was so freakd out! i didnt know they would do this... it was penny that died. i have buket nest boxes and and they all try and pile in to one.. but poor penny whent in with the 6 week olds and they killed her. [​IMG] this sucks. i seperated them.. but im afraid to put them back together.. and im getting a hen tomorow.. i dont want this to happen to her too.
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    I'm really sorry to hear that. They say a chicken's world is a savage place and it's really true. Usually, the younger ones are the ones hurt, but a more mild-mannered older chick could get pecked on by slightly younger ones, too. Are you positive, though, that that's what happened? Are there only the six weekers and the ten weekers together in there?
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  3. shmooborp

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    yah. the six weekers were all ontop of her in the nex box when i found her. and theyre arent anyohter older chickens in there besides 10 weekers
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    Mar 28, 2007
    sorry fthat you lost a pullet.sometimes that happens when you put 2 bunches of birds togather.most times the older chicks jump on the younger chicks.
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    Chickens aren't nice people. [​IMG]

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