I didn't want to have to ask, but I think I got roosters


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Sep 13, 2013
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We got four chickens on aug 31 from some people who had the strangest way to identify a rooster. According to them, if you hold them by the feet and they try to lift their head up, it's a rooster. My dad was skeptical from the beginning, but i was hoping they would be alright.

Well, I think three are roosters based on feather coloring, their behavior and possibly their combs. Thanks for any help you can give us. Oh, I forgot to mention that they didn't give us the exact age of them, so sorry about that.

Here's cinnamon (rooster?)

Peach on left, apple on right (I think Roos too)

And queenie, I think our only girl (no comb yet, but it is turning red)

Thanks for your help
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First two are for sure roosters. Third one looks like one too.
Third one.. can't really see the comb so I don't know for sure.
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My thoughts:

Cinnamon & Apple: barred rock roosters. They have large combs and light barring, if they were pullets they would be darker.
Peach: silver-laced wyandotte rooster, the large comb and band of black feathers around the neck is the giveaway.
Queenie: A better shot of her head would be good but I believe it's a silver-laced wyandotte pullet. There's no band of black feathers on the neck.

I have a hard time believing they didn't know most of these were cockerels even two weeks ago... And you're correct, that method of sexing is pure bunk.

Also what the heck happened to their tail feathers? Most of them are missing?
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Thanks for replying. I figured they looked like roosters. When we got them, I thought the tail feathers just didnt grow in yet. But then I look on here, and everyone else has great looking feathers. I did notice they were plucking and eating feathers and that's when I found this site.

I got them some mealworms and chick starter for more protein and now some of the feathers are growing back. Let me get another pic of queenie.


Btw, I've been lurking on this forum for about a week straight. Great information here.
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Go back to those sellers and get your money back. You have 3 roosters, and it was obvious to an experienced chicken person 2 weeks ago.
Agreed, Queenie's face is turning red and that means she's nearing point of lay. Good job on the protein but she will need some calcium in the form of oyster shell too. No way they didn't know the sexes of these birds two weeks ago unless they're totally new to chickens.

Also yes this forum is great, I lurked for a year before I got my chicks and everything I've learned has helped me SO MUCH.
Thanks so much for the quick replies. My dad was planning on calling them back today. I really appreciate everyone's help. I hope they'll give us our money back. I'm not good with confrontations, but I get angry when I think I've been duped. Thanks again!

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