I do believe Buttercup is about ....


12 Years
Nov 3, 2007
podunk... I mean Wabash, IN
to lay her first egg!
I did notice that she was getting her "egg belly" the other day and was thinking I that was going to need to provide her a nesting box. I've had to keep her and her two buddies separated, for the most part, fm the chooks and Scovy sleeping/nesting areas BUT that didn't stop her boys fm helping her find a good spot to lay. I noticed the three kept hanging out in the carport this morning looking around "quietly" which is very unlike them.
The two Pekins were looking intently at something so I checked it out and our Black Swedish boy had gotten up behind some items where a plastic lawn chair was sitting which had a nice pile of pine shavings under it. I moved a few things around "just in case" they were trying to help Buttercup find a good spot to lay an egg. Just checked on them and both boys are waiting patiently close by while Buttercup is sitting under the chair.........
Well, I should know soon. They are such good drakes and I do have them posted to Craigslist to rehome but Buttercup does seem to be able to handle them both. Don't know how Buttercup does it & I did have to separate Daisy, our handicapped Black Swedish hen fm their very much UNWanted advances, but I have seen no excessive breeding fm the boys and Buttercup looks and acts fine w/nary a feather out of place. I separated Buttercup fm the boys yesterday & put her in with Daisy. She seemed fine for a few hrs. then she started honking up a storm wanting to rejoin the boys and actually charged at Dasiy. Poor Daisy! So I let Buttercup back out w/her boys. Well, the three are out and about so I checked but no egg yet..... maybe later today or tomorrow.
Buttercup went and set under the chair a few times today but no egg yet. She's only 3.5mo old which seems mighty young to be laying but she def. has a egg belly. Do Pekins lay this early? Scovies are usually about 6mo old before they begin laying.
Wow, that does sound young. I thought egg laying was supposed to start at 17 wks and later for heavier weight breeds? Is it possible she's just gotten a bit tubby? I have a chubby duck I was worried about thinking something was wrong, but I guess she's just been enjoying her snacks too much lately.
If she's laying already, I would watch her. I've heard there can be complications if they lay too young, they can become egg bound and might hurt them so they don't produce later.
I'm so anxious for my babies to produce, but I'm so scared of them producing early for these reasons.

I hope all goes well with Buttercup!

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