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May 21, 2020
I have a Black Copper Maran, Her name is Elvis she need a mate she is a yr old she's the Miracle chick I have her on you tube as well as my other birds. her family got killed she was one of the eggs in the coop they were my daughters chickens, well i decided to try to hatch her🤷‍♀️ didn't have an incubator🤷‍♀️an i knew nothing about chickens well a long story short🤷‍♀️I put the egg in my bra lol yes you read it right, my daughter said mom don't get ur hopes up it proly wont hatch😑 ...well 11 days later Elvis was born🤗🤗🤗I love her so much💕💕💕 so that's where my love for chickens started, since then I hatched about 20 more birds lol but in an incubator🤣but most were Roo's IM tryin to sell or trade them ...all my Roo's are way to big for Elvis so im in search for her a mate, can anyone help Im lookin for a Black Copper Maran Roo 💕💕💕
How many hens do you have?
Was the egg you hatched already half-incubated?
Where are you?
I had 4 one of the ones i hatched in April died in her sleep don't know why one is bout 2yrs old but she quit layin so Fluffy Butt An Elvis are the only ones layin ...Elvis stopped layin cause she is molting ...An yes Elvis's egg was incubated by her mom before she got killed I didn't know at the time i had cracked one of the eggs an there was a chick inside😢I was so upset so I checked the other egg with a flashlight an she was in there moving so s had already washed her egg my daughter said she will proly die so I cracked a egg an rolled her egg in the egg white an dried it with a blow-dryer an put her egg in my bra for 11 days only time I took her out was to take a shower an i wrapped her in a heating blanket or my cousin would put her in her bra an she hatched an is healthy strong an very happy she lived in my closet for 3months🤗🤗🤗 Im in Franklin County Va ( Glade Hill )
I'm glad you have a healthy hen from that experience!
So you have 4 hens but 2 laying?
only 3 now salty died in her sleep...Frilly Legs is around 2 i thought she would start layin again after our move i thought she was just stressed but its been 3 months an still not layin
It might help if you list the general area that you are in to find someone that has one close by you. You might also ask in your states thread here at this site. Good luck!
I have no idea where to find anything on here lol

You'll need a couple, maybe more, hens if U want a roo, can you do this?
lol I have 6 Roo's that live in the big walkin coop an big run thats attached im tryin to sell or trade for hens i have to get rid of them first so i can put my hens in there an get more hens an I'd like to get a Roo for Elvis

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